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All real estate agents are not created equal!

As in any profession there are good and bad apples in the real estate broker world.

If you are taking the time to read this then you may be one of the unfortunate souls who listed your house with a “bad apple” real estate agent.

The problem with many agents is that they never really go all out trying to sell any one house.

After all, if you had a computer sitting in your office loaded with thousands of nice, beautiful houses of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges…what kind of real “selling” would you actually do?  Would you really do whatever it takes to sell one particular customer’s house? Or would you pick out a selection of several houses for your prospective buyers, hoping to land them on one…any one…of the many homes you had selected?

Come on… you would go with the numbers.  After all, you don’t have any personal liability if the seller’s house sits an extra week or two… and there is always the next customer with the next listing.  But then, you are no real estate agent, either.

The vast majority of training for new agents is not in the art of selling, but in the art of getting listings!  Unfortunately for sellers, giving the agent the listing is worthless unless the agent finds a buyer.

Since we are not real estate agents, we are not looking to “list” your property.  We want to buy it!  Contact us now and you can have an offer on your house within the next 24 hours

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